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Crowdfunding 101: Getting Started | Social Ant | Digital Marketing

Crowdfunding, most simply defined, is an alternative source of funding for SMEs (small to medium enterprises) and local community projects. Instead of securing funding through traditional methods, such as bank loans, it allows SMEs to secure funding through private individuals (“the crowd”). This means that companies that would otherwise be unable to secure funding now can. Crowdfunding has become a powerful financing tool that is significantly altering the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

White Paper: How to Make Influencer Marketing Work For You

Are you looking for ways to promote your company? Thinking about collaborating with an influencer? Or simply wondering what an influencer even is? From defining the basic role of an influencer to providing advice on how to build positive, mutually beneficial, relationships, this blog takes an inside look at the world of influencers. Plus, our exclusive interviews with influencers provide unique insight into their crucial relationship with brands.

How Your Business Can Use Social Media For Lead Generation

When used correctly, social media is a powerful marketing tool for lead generation. Businesses have reported that the use of social media to generate leads decreased their expenses by 45% and increased their profits by 24%. Lead generation helps businesses to better understand their potential customers by gathering information about customers’ interests, what products would appeal to them, their pain points, and how to convert them into paying customers.

Event Marketing | The Essential Guide | Social Ant Digital Marketing

Are you planning a big event? In addition to arranging the actual event, it’s also essential to have a proper event marketing strategy. A low attendance rate is every event marketer’s nightmare. To avoid this happening and guarantee a sell-out event, it’s important to develop an event marketing strategy that creates hype and drives conversions. It would be fantastic if there was one simple answer about “how to effectively market your event”. Unfortunately, no two events are the same and each re