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What is IR35? And, How Will it Impact You? - Change Recruitment

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard the news about a government crackdown on IR35. If assessed as inside IR35, contractors could owe HMRC thousands, if not millions, of pounds like BBC presenter, Christina Ackroyd, who must now pay back £419,151. Initially established in 1999, the IR35 is tax legislation that aims to stop individuals from avoiding tax by supplying their services to clients through an intermediary, like a limited company.

The Pros and Cons of a 4 Day Working Week - Change Recruitment

Have you heard the latest workplace buzz? Gather round the water cooler, the rumours are true -- a 4 day work week may soon be a reality. TUC (Trade Union Congress) is calling on the government to help people work fewer hours while getting paid the same. Now, you’re probably wondering how such a favourable situation is even possible. Why would business owners allow their employees to work only 4 days a week? Won’t the company suffer as a result?

Should your business hire robot workers?

Will robots replace humans? In our increasingly digital world, replacing your employees with robot workers may seem like a real possibility. In October 2014, the number of smartphones and electronic devices surpassed the world’s human population and the number of smartphones have only continued to increase. By 2019, the world will host 31 million domestic robots and 2.6 million industrial robots. This trend is only expected to continue as robots become smarter and more skilled.

5 ways robots and artificial intelligence can help your business

Over the past few years, robotic or artificial intelligence technology has rapidly developed. As robots become smarter and gain new capabilities – thanks to advancements in machine learning, companies are increasingly jumping on the bandwagon. In fact, recent research by Narrative Science reveals 61% of businesses have implemented some form of AI. This trend is expected to continue and soon every modern company will employ some kind of artificial intelligence.

Summer: Recruitment Blackout or Potential Hidden Gem?

While the beginning of the year is often the best time to hunt for a job, summer can be notoriously tricky. During the summer months, the recruitment process can take longer with many people away from the office. It may seem like there are fewer promising job prospects and you may not immediately hear back about applications. Whether you’re job hunting by choice or necessity, summer may seem like a bad, or at least frustrating, time to look for a new job. Yet, is this really the case?

The #MeToo Movement & Its Impact on The Workplace

On October 15th 2017, American actress Alyssa Milano tweeted #MeToo to demonstrate the number of women (and men) impacted by sexual abuse. Little did she, nor the world, realise just how widespread sexual abuse had become.The idea was simple, women who had been sexually abused were to retweet the hashtag. Within the space of 24 hours, #MeToo was retweeted more than 500,000 times on Twitter and over 12 million times on Facebook. Facebook reported that within the USA, where the movement started, over 45% of people know at least one person that used the hashtag.